The Military Veterans Peer Network is a group of veterans and veteran family members committed to supporting former service members by offering mentorship and guidance, as well as help accessing the services and resources available.

Our volunteers receive training through the Military Veterans Peer Network (MVPN). They complete a basic course on how to work with veterans and their families. Since the majority of our volunteers are veterans themselves, a greater understanding of the issues and military culture is evident.

Our volunteers can also apply to receive additional training, including but not limited to:
Bring Everyone Into The Zone (BEITZ) This training allows the individual to become a Certified Peer2Peer Group Facilitator. By having volunteers facilitate these groups, veterans are more relaxed and able to relate, respond and reflect on themselves as well as on the military and life experiences of their peers.

Veterans Court Advocacy and Mentoring Program (VCAMP). This training educates the volunteers on methods to work with incarcerated veterans. Many veterans do not know the resources available to them. By beginning to provide information and support prior to the veterans release Peer Support Specialists are better able to advocate, mentor and introduce veterans to Peer2Peer groups.

DeLisa Duncan Russell
DeLisa serves as the Director of the Veterans One Stop and the MVPN Peer Coordinator. As a Texas Licensed Social Worker and Licensed Professional Counselor –Supervisor, DeLisa brings over 25 years of clinical experience to the One Stop. DeLisa has worked nationally with veterans and active duty along with their families for over 15 years. She has developed nationally recognized programs utilized by all branches of the DoD. DeLisa is part of a military family; her father was a combat veteran, her husband served 24 years active duty as an army officer, her son is now following in the tradition. Her entire family, including her daughter shares her passion for serving others. Her rich experience in living and working with military veterans and their families ably equips her to serve and lead others.

Assistant Peer Coordinator

Robert L Carter, U.S. Army, Retired
Robert is a graduate of Richfield High who went on to serve three years in the U.S. Army and 20 years in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1972 to 1995. He served during the Vietnam Era and is a Desert Shield and Desert Storm Veteran. In addition to three tours in Germany and three tours in the jungles of Central America, his unit was assigned to take care of the Vietnam Refugees and the Cuban Refugees after escaping their countries. He also served at several military forts in the US and is now 100% disabled due to his time in service and exposures to war. Today Robert is devoted to informing and assisting veterans and their families in their adjustment to life after the service, and working with many service organizations. He is a veterans consultant at the One Stop and is the commander of VFW Post 2034 (12 years). Robert is a retired Army staff sergeant, platoon leader, motor sergeant, heavy equipment operator, and truck and tank mechanic. Other experience includes: shop foreman at Bird Kultgen Ford 1976 to 2004, former board member of the Good Solider Foundation (10 years), former chairman of the local Gulf War Group, former McLennan County Veterans Association chairman and now a standing member of the board, former commander of American Legion and Charter Member of American Legion Riders, former chairman of the Veterans Advisory Council (10 years), former board member of the Order of the Silver Rose (8 years).

Joseph Robert
Joe Rob served in the U.S. Air Force as a Ground Support Technician and was one of 22 personnel chosen to tour the first E4-B Aircraft. He was the sole military representative chosen by Consolidated Diesel for a study on the MEP -116A Generator System and was the first recipient of the Tactical Air Command (TAC) Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) Airman Maintenance Professional of the Year and was recognized at the First Annual Knuckle Buster Ball at Tinker AFB in 1980. Working at TAC he responsible for testing and power conditioning 10 parts used in the cloaking systems of stealth bombers and fighter aircraft. While working at Elsinore Airframe Services he was chosen by the Secret Service to work on Air Force One when President Ronald Reagan visited Waco in 1989 and was introduced to the President just before he boarded to leave. Joe Rob was at the Veterans One Stop the day it opened in 2013, he’s a BEITZ Certified Peer2Peer Group Facilitator at the Veterans One Stop and at the Mexia Peer Support Center and is also certified with Operation Resilient Family. He currently serves as the BEITZ and MVPN Volunteer lead.